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Q: How many people play golf in South Africa?
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How many golf courses in South Africa?

According to the statistics, there are more than 100 golf courses in South Africa.

How many people in South Africa?

the population of South Africa is 49,320,000 people

How many golf courses are in South Africa?

+/- 500 golf courses of which at least 200 are 9 hole courses

How many people are in South Africa?

There are more than 47-million people in South Africa.

How many people speak Zulu in South Africa?

In South Africa there are about 13,000,000 people who speak Zulu.

How many people are born in South Africa each year?

250,000 people are born in south africa a year

How many people live below the poverty in South Africa?

50%of the people in south Africa live below the poverty line in south Africa

How many people in South Africa is using smartphones?

approx 34 million in South Africa

How lives with HIV in South Africa?

Many poorer people live with HIV in South Africa.

How many people visited South Africa for the world cup?

there were 64 million people visited south africa for the world cup

How many people die daily of Hunger in South Africa?

25,000 people die a day and 7,000 of those people live in South Africa

How many people have televisions in south Africa?

most people do

How many people die of HIV in South Africa every day?

about 5,479 people die of aids in south Africa every day

How many people die in South Africa?

About a million

How many people have AIDS in South Africa?


Are people poor in South Africa?

Not all , but many of them are.

How many people have malaria in south Africa?


How many people live in South Africa?

49 million people

How many people can they fit in south Africa stadium?

about 85.000 people

How many people went to the Olympics from South Africa?

The Olympics was never held in South Africa, but the World Cup 2010 was.

Why is English a national language in South Africa?

There are a large amount of English speakers in South Africa, due to the British colonization of parts of it and the many people that have emigrated to South Africa from Britain.

How many people in South Africa have bulimia?

Approximately 1,000 people in Africa suffer from bulimia and another 1,000 people are anorexic.

How many people use a television in South Africa?


How many people are affected by HIV in south Africa?


How many people play soccer in South Africa?


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