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23.6 million people in the U.S. play pro sports

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Q: How many people play a sport in the us?
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How many people want to play soccer?

It would depend on where you live ... guessing that your from the US by calling it soccer and not football there are not many people that are into that sport in the US but world wide it is the most plaied sport ...

What is the most popular sport in the US for people to play?

Ping Pong

Why do people in England want to play sport?

because England is the best country in the world at sport that is why they all want to play for us!!!

What is the Most popular sport in US by participation?

It would probably be soccer, it is a VERY common sport and many people enjoy it. I play soccer and I also enjoy it.

How many people sport US?

Only Alistair

How many people play paintball in the US?

Currently there are about 10.4 million participants of the sport of paintball in the U.S. That is more than baseball!!

How many does play sport in US?

none their all obese ha ha

How many people play volleyball in the US?

46 million people play in the US.

What sport is ranked highest as the favorite sport to play in the US?


Most play sport in US?


How many people play in us soccer?


How many people play soccer worldwide What percentage is that compared to how many people play in the US?


How many people play high school football in the US?

There are around 1,088,158 high school students that play football in the United States. This makes it the most popular high school sport.

How many people play basketball in the US?


How many people play lacrosse in the US?


How many sport people US entering to the London Olympics 2012?

There are 534 US athletes in the London Olympics

How many people play softball in the US?

About 56 million people play softball around the world

About how many people watch soccer in the US?

Not that many because it is not broadcasted a lot. football is the most watched sport.

How many people play us soccer?

250 million

How many people play football in the US?

3 million

How many people play piano in the US?

about 21 million

How many people in the us want to play guitar?


How many people play sports in US?

about 2 milllion

How many people play hockey in US?

About 300 in the nhl.

Is badminton a varsity sport in the US?

yes, and people get scholarships to play in college but its hard to find a college because there are very few