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On average about 1 in every 4 youth in the US participate in a sport. It is mostly to the liking of their parents, but occasionally there is an excitedly athletic child.

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Q: How many youths participate in sports in the US?
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How many people participate in sports in the US?


How many sports does the US participate in the 2012 Olympics?

25 Sports Handball was the only sport for which the United States had no representation at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

To how many events will the US participate in the 2012 Olympics?

The US will compete in 25/26 sports. The exact number of events are not known as they have to do with placement and medaling.

What sports does the US participate in?

at the Olympics: gymnastics, track and field, soccer, bobsled racing, triathalons, lacrosse. field hockey, swimming, diving, and many many more.

How common is sudden cardiac death for US high school students who participate in sports?

not very

Would you say it's hard with us youth or it's hard with we youth?

You would say its hard with us youths and not we youths

How many youths live in poverty?

As of 2011, 20% of US teenagers live in poverty.

What grade can't you have to play sports?

Some US schools allow students with a D average (lower than C but improving) to participate in sports, while most require a solid C average as a minimum to participate in extracurricular activities.

How many children participate in beauty pageants in US?


In which sports will the Canadian athletes participate in?

for sure their going to play hocky and probably win beause the beat us and that's a national sport

How many sports are played in the US?

367 are played total in the Us

What does the word open refer to in sports events such as the US Open French Open etc in tennis?

It means that anyone can participate in the tournament if they are good enough, and if they qualify.

How many yeard did the US participate in World War 2?

about 33/4 years

Why do many eligible voters in the US not participate in elections?

Mabe because they don't no which to vote for.

Is sport more important then politics?

The answer to that is it depends on who you ask. Many people would choose sports and many people would choose politics. For me, it's neither. For me, it's far more important how each of us treats the other for all occasions. Sports is a teamwork activity and politics is a compromise activity and you can participate in or enjoy either and still believe in the Golden Rule.

What were some of the sports around in the US in Edgar Allan Poe's time period?

Remember, Poe was in England from age 6 to age 11, and he would have had the opportunity to participate in sports there as well. Also, the US in the early 1800s was heavily influenced by European sports because many of the people in the US were born in Europe including Poe's own mother and foster father. The sports at the time included: cricket, field hockey, rugby, soccer (football), swimming, and some forms of track and field. Formalized American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey were all unknown at that time.

How many sports are played in the US in a year?

around 9

How many different kinds of sports are played in the US?


How many people play sports in US?

about 2 milllion

How many children do sports in the US?

over 3,000,000,000,000 children

How many kids in the US dont play sports?


Did US participate in the Battle of Stalingrad?


How many people participate in waterskiing in the US?

On Average over 5 million people Waterski in America

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How many people watch organized sports in the US?

69 million