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about 201026541651 people

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Q: How many people participated in the torch relay in 2010?
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How many people are running in the torch relay of 2010?

The Vancouver 2010 Torch Relay estimated over 12,000 Torchbearers, while the Singapore version 2010 was 2400 Torchbearers.

Where will the torch relay start for the 2010 Olympics?

in Athens

How long is the Torch Relay 2010 going for?

it is for 1000 months

How long does each person run for in the torch relay of 2010?

as big as the countrie

How long is the olympic torch relay?

every torch relay is different! this year (vancouver 2010 torch relay) the flame traveld 45, 000 km in over 106 days! making it way around the highest and the lowest point of canada!

Can 2010 Winter Olympic torch runners keep their torch?

Yes they can. And to make sure they are authentic they are told not to wipe the soot off the torch. The carbon stain authenticates the fact the torch was lit and used in the relay.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Torch Rolls On - 2010?

The cast of The Torch Rolls On - 2010 includes: Real People

Is the Paralympic torch relay different for the Olympics?

in a way yes but, the only thing different this year (2010) is that the torch is the same just blue, the uniform is the same style (different colour) and the relay is only ten days :)

How many people will carry the 2010 Olympic torch?


How many people carried the torch at the 2010 Winter Olympics?

Approximately 12, 000 torchbearers will be the part of this hugely awaited and immensely popular 2010 Winter Olympics Torch Relay. Route of the torch relay will cover every province as well as territory of Canada. Torchbearers have to travel 45, 000 km for more than 100 days. For more than ninety percent of population, the entire route can be covered by just one-hour drive.

Were is the olympic torch on November 22 2009?

On the 22nd of November 2010, the Vancouver 2010 Torch relay will past through Charlottetown, Prince Edward Islandand Summerside, Prince Edward Island.It's the 25th day of its journey in Canada (the torch will arrive at the BC Place Stadium for the opening ceremony on the 12th of February, 2010).

How many people participate in the Olympics?

82 countries participated this year of 2010

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