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Q: How many people particepated in the swimming Olympics in Beijing?
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How many visitors saw the Beijing Olympics?

millions of people saw the Beijing Olympics in person

How many people from Burkina Faso competed in the Beijing 2008 Olympics?

Burkina Faso had 6 athletes competing in athletics, swimming, judo, and fencing at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

How many people attend the Beijing Olympics?

650 million People attended the Beijing Olympics in 2008 :D Hope it help:)))

What country had the most competitors in the Beijing Olympics?

The People's Republic of China had 639 athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

How many people can fit in the Beijing stadium for the Olympics?

Why do people fart

What are the themes of the 29nth Beijing Olympic games in 2008?

green Olympics, high-tech Olympics, and people's Olympics

Will there be any famous people at the Beijing Olympics?

kaka kaka

How many people are representing Seychelles at the Olympics?

Seychelles sent 9 athletes to compete at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing in athletics, canoeing, swimming, weightlifting, badminton, and sailing.

How many people from china are competing in the Olympics in Beijing?

Over 630

How many people did Iraq send to the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


The number of people in the Beijing ice hockey Olympics?

There were none dumbbut

How many people are there in the Fiji team that are going to the Olympics?

Fiji dont participate in the Olympics. The last Olympics Fiji attended was the Summer Olympics in Beijing China.

What sport do most people watch in the Olympics?


How many people were involved in making the Beijing Olympics happen?

more than two people

Why are people protesting about the Beijing Olympics?

Because of their human rights record and Tibet

Why do people get drug tested at the Beijing Olympics?

because they dont wont them to cheat

Events the Kenya people are competing in the Olympics?

At the 2008 Games in Beijing, the majority of athletes from Kenya participated in athletics. Other sports Kenyans participated in at the 2008 Games were boxing, rowing, swimming, and taekwondo.

How many people compete in swimming in the Olympics?

7 to 15

How many people watched the Beijing Olympics?

4 billion people

What was the most popular sport in ancient Olympics?

most people reckon that swimming is the best sport in the Olympics

Do people in Illinois go skiing and swimming?

There are people in Illinois that ski and swim. Many city parks have swimming pools and so do health clubs. Chicago has beaches for swimming.Kevin Cordes, Naomy Grand’Pierre, Ryan Held and Conor Dwyer went to the Olympics in Rio for swimming. There are people from Illinois that have competed in the Olympics and Special Olympics. There are several ski clubs in Illinois.

How did swimming get to be an Olypmic sport?

Swimming was included to the Olympics because there was a lot of people who had talent in swimming. So they wanted to include it to the Olympic game

How many people participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

It is not quite accurate how many people participated but The number of countries participating in the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 was 205.

How many people competing in the Beijing Olympics from Italy?

A total of 344 athletes were sent to compete.

What problems have been caused by smog in Beijing which affected preparations for the 2008 Olympics?

it killed people