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There is really no way to tell. Because all over the world people do gymnastics. Also some people only do it for a little while (like a month) and that still counts as having done gymnastics. Sorry I don't have a better answer!

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The actual number of active fans is likely in the hundreds of millions, if not a billion or more, because of the popularity in China and other highly-populated areas of Asia.

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I am a level 9 and it is super fun u just need to give it your all and it is fun!

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Not nearly enough!

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Q: How many people like gymnastics?
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How many people in the US like gymnastics?

About 1million

How many people like gymnastics better than dance?

4 cats and 3 dogs and 1 bat prefer dance...all others like gymnastics (YAY)

Do everbody like gymnastics in school?

yes alot of people think gymnastics is cool

Do people have to do gymnastics?

no people do not have to do gymnastics

How many people on a gymnastics team?


How many people are needed for the sport gymnastics?

6 peoples

What is the percentage of gymansts killed in gymnastics each year?

gymnasts dont usually get killed but if they were to die it would be because they over worked or had some kind of disease that could have been infected by gymnastics. but as a gymnast myself i would say that if you were going to do gymnastics dont think about how many people get killed just think about how many people have fun doing gymnastics.

What pecent of people like gymnastics more than cheer-leading?

100 %

How many players make a gymnastics team leaglly?

Three people

How many people are on a gymnastics's team?

A gymnastics team is comprised of both men and women. In total there are 12 people on a team with six alternatives between the ladies and the guys.

Why do people like gymnasics?

Yy Do People Like Gymnastics ? Wa A Stupid Question ! Yy Do Uu Lik Chocolate Yy Do Uu Like Watching Tv Yy Do Uu Like To Read ! Uu Enjoy It Duhh ! Gymnastics Is A Way Of Life For People Nat Jusd A Sport But There Lives !]

Who are the greatest people behind gymnastics?

Arguably the greatest people behind gymnastics are the coaches and assistant coaches, many of whom are volunteers, who support the sport at grass-roots level.