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How many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport?

I love gymnastics and has been my absolute favorite sport since I was 2 years old. All my friends always say, "you have to play a sport!" I always say, "I do, gymnastics. It's is in the Olympics, so it is a sport!" Many people in the world think that gymnastics is not a sport and all the people that do gymnastics are the ones that really know that gymnastics IS a sport. Also, gymnastics is on the chart of the top 10, most hardest SPORTS! Gymnastics is a sport.

Why do people think that gymnastics is a girl sport?

Many people associate gymnastics with flexibility. Girls are generally more flexible than boys so they think that boys can't do gymnastics. Actually gymnastics is more about your strength and ability to endure.

Who are the greatest people behind gymnastics?

Arguably the greatest people behind gymnastics are the coaches and assistant coaches, many of whom are volunteers, who support the sport at grass-roots level.

What are the different programs of gymnastics?

there are many different types of gymnastic programs # Womens artistic gymnastics # Mens artistic gymnastics # Rhythmic gymnastics # sports acrobatics # sport aerobics # trampoline sports # generl gymnastics and sometimes cheerleading is considered a gymnastics sport

How many people are needed to play this sport?

11 on the pitch and as many subs

Is gymnastics a summer sport?

if anything i would say gymnastics is a winter sport as you can train harder. believe me in summer when it's hot the last you want to be is in a leotard training. although for display gymnastics is summer because of the nicer range of leotards. many company's however prefer winter as we ware our tracksuits and people ca see where we perform from

How many people get killed each year doing gymnastics?

20 people died from gymnastics

What does gymnastics mean?

Gymnastics mean a sport the takes balance,listening skills,talent, and hard work. Gymnastics is good for everyone to do. It helps with you MUSCLE,FLEXIBILITY, AND MANY OTHER THINGS. Gymnastics is good for boys and girls.

How many people are in gymnastics?


Is rhythmic gymnastics good?

Rhythmic Gymnastics is the BEST sport for girls! Girls learn ballet, dance, flexibility, endurance and many other important skills.

How many people on a gymnastics team?


How do you perform gymnastics?

You perform gymnastics by putting on a leotard/shorts. (dont wear anything above the knee hieght). You perform major events like the balance beam, bars, floor, vault, and many more things. If you want to meet new people this is a great sport and can improve your aim in people. Gymnastics may cause injury.~I hope this helps~

How many people are needed in swimming?

One. You only need one person to swim. It's not a team sport.

How many people in the US like gymnastics?

About 1million

How many people done gymnastics in the Olympics?


How many people take part in gymnastics?


What else does a gymnastic do?

gymnastics helps to keep you fit for many sports and strong. also it can be a sport that lets you decompress after a hard day. for some it has been their life so they are gymnastics oriented.

Is gymnastics for everyone?

Yes And No. Depending on what you mean, if you are looking into hardcore competitive gymnastics then not anyone can really do it and enjoy. It takes time. commitment, endurance, and tons of self discipline. You will have to spend many hours in a gym and less time having a social life. You will also have to learn to balance school and gymnastics. Although if you can do all of these and truly enjoy the sport then, yes it is the sport for you. If you are looking into classes and such then it is a sport for anyone. Gymnastics is a truly enjoyable sport and if you just want to try it then good for you. Hope this helps! I truly do know this because I am a gymnast myself.

Is motocross the hardest sport in the world?

No. To do sports you need to use your body, your limbs, your muscles. Motocross is just sitting down on a moving vehicle. Most people do that every day to and from work. So no, it is not a hard sport. In fact it is hardly a physical sport at all because barely any body functions are used. However it is a mental sport that requires extreme concentration and quick-fire mental problem solving skills. Surprisingly, according to studies on sports, the hardest sport in the world is actually gymnastics. Gymnastics is both physically and mentally draining. it takes many years to train in gymnastics with terrible consequences to your body, such as a weakened growth, as people who start gymnastics early don't experience a "normal" puberty. There is also the constant risk of spinal injury, neck injury and the risk of even the slightest bad landing changing the outcome of the rest of your life. I personally would have thought a more physical sport would be the hardest, but according to science, gymnastics turns out to be the hardest.

How many people want cheerleading to be a sport?

it is a sport

How many people die in gymnastics each year?


How many people watch gymnastics?

Not nearly enough!

Is there deductions for lyrics in gymnastisc floor music?

Yes there is gymnastics is a very strict sport so there are deductions for many things.

What are the disadvantages of gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an awesome sport, gymnasts tend to be very fit and athletic; however, there are many injuries in gymnastics. It is not uncommon for a gymnast to suffer a broken arm, concussion, or othermalady but on occasion gymnasts do get very hurt (ie. paralysis, etc). Also, to be competitive and good at the sport it requires lots of time and subsequently lots of money generally.

How many people do fishing as a sport?

There are a lot of people that will do it as a sport. The pros of course do and there is a lot of them