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Only 2 people can play a Chess game.

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Q: How many people can play in a chess game?
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Why do people play chess?

Many chess players enjoy a friendly game of chess where they can test their skills against another opponent .

Can you play a chess game?

Yes, you can play a chess game.

What is chess used for?

It is a game that many people around the world play. It is used for enjoyment puropses.

What inspired chess to be made?

a game for old people to play

What cultures play chess?

Chess is a game that is played and enjoyed by many cultures internationally .

What is the purpose of chess?

im not exactly sure if your asking what you want to do in a chess game, or why people play and enjoy chess. well, im here to tell you both. what you want to do in chess is call ' checkmate! ' or actually win a chess game by checkmating your opponent. why people play chess is a lot less eaisier. i love playing chess, but most people play for the enjoyment, while others play for competetion, or the oppostite, relaxation. i hope i helped you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy chess!!! lolz

How many people play chess in the united states?

I can't give you the exact number, but a lot of people play chess.

What is a popular Chilean game?

chillean people love to play chess

Find the chess server where you can play an interactive game of chess online?

If you want to play an interactive game of chess online,I suggest that you go to to play with other can also chat with other people and can watch videos.

Why the chess is sports?

Believe it or not, but it is physically difficult to play game after game after game of chess.

Does anyone like chesse?

Yes. Many people like chess as it is a game that much skill and effort to play

How many people play chess worldwide?

Not me, sooo...

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