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Q: How many over has played in first international one day match played in 1971?
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In which stadium was the first one-day international cricket match played?

The first ODI was played on 5 January 1971 between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Which country won the first one day test match in cricket?

First one day International was played between England and Australia on 5 January 1971,Australia won that match by 5 wickets.

When was the first ever One Day International Match in white clothes held?


When was the first ever One Day International cricket Match in white clothes held?

the first ODI to be played in white clothing was the first ODI ever staged between Australia and England in 1971

When was One Day International Cricket created?

The first One Day International Cricket match was played on January 5, 1971 as a time-filler after a Test match had been abandoned because of heavy rain on the opening days. It was tried out as an experiment but it has grown into popular form of the game.

When did India play its first cricket match?

Australia and England at the MCG in March 1877.

List of batsmen who has hit sixes in one day international?

Ian Chappell (Aus) hit the first ever ODI six during the first ever ODI match played between England & Australia at MCG, Melbourne on 5th Jan, 1971.

When India play his first odi match?

In 1971

The first ODI match was between which countries?

The first official Test match was played on the 15 March 1877, between England and Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, where Australia won by 45 runs. England won the second match (also at the MCG) by four wickets, thus drawing the series 1-1. This was not the first ever international cricket match however, which was played between Canada and the United States, on the 24th and 25th of September 1844.

When did sunil gavaskar play in a test match first time?


When was the first one day international cricket match?

The First International Cricket Match in India was played in Bombay Gymkhana between India and England under the Captaincy of C.K.Nayadu . And LALA AMARNATH became the first player to score Century on Indian soil.

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