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The first ODI was played on 5 January 1971 between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Q: In which stadium was the first one-day international cricket match played?
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In which international stadium is the highest international cricket games played?

The Lord's

In which international stadium is the highest one-day international cricket game played?

Which international cricket stadium holds the record for the most number of One-day internationals. *

Where do cricket play?

cricket is played in stadium.

Which cricket stadium has the highest number of ODI's played?

Shajah cricket stadium in UAE

Which cricket stadium has the highest number of ODIs played?

Shajah cricket stadium in UAE

Which cricket stadium in the UAE has the highest number of ODIs played?

Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium.

In which stadium did India played first one day international match?

The Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium is a cricket stadium in Hyderabad, India.[2] The stadium was originally known as Fateh Maidan

Where is cricket played in England?

Lords stadium

How many finals have been played in Lord's Cricket stadium?


Sachin first oneday match in international cricket?

He played his 1st ODI against Pakistan on 18th December 1989 at Municipal Stadium, Gujranwala. It was a 40 Over game which got further reduced to a 16 over game per side. Sachin scored a Duck and India lost the game chasing 87 and made only 80.

What international sport is played at the MCG in summer?


Indian criketers names who played international cricket?

name of Indian cricket players those played in 1977

Where did India play the first International Cricket Match?

India played the first International Cricket Match at Lords in London in 1932.

Which international sport is played at the MCG in summer?

Cricket and Polo

What international sport is played at mcg in summer?

i think cricket

When was the game of cricket invented?

Game of cricket has been started in the year of 16th century and from 1844 various international cricket matches were played and in 1877 official history of international test cricket begin.

Who played most number of games for cricket club?

Sachin Tendulkar for Indian International Cricket Team

List of all cricketers who have played international cricket?

Its practically impossible to give you the list of all the cricketers who played or playing international cricket. But for your satisfaction here is the link.

What is the Sydney rugby stadium called?

There are quite a few. Most of the international games played in Sydney are played at ANZ stadium. The NSW Waratahs, the Sydney based super rugby team, play mostly at Sydney Football Stadium but also at ANZ stadium and Sydney olympic park. Others include Toyota Stadium, Brookvale Oval, Centrebet Stadium, Win Jubilee Oval, Win Stadium, Cambelltown Stadium, Leichhardt Oval and Sydney Cricket Ground

Who has played international football and cricket for Scotland goram or ronaldo?


Where was the first flood light international cricket match played?


Who played youngest international cricket in world?

Hasan Raza From Pakistan

Which stadium will host the 2011 cricket world cup final match?

According to Cricinfo, the final will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India.

At which cricket ground will the first Ashes test be played this year?

The SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff, Wales.

Who was the youngest player to play an international cricket match and how old was his he?

Hasan Raza of Pakistan was 14 years old when he played his first international cricket match.