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Q: How many outs does it take to change to a different field when playing baseball?
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What is a baseball field?

A baseball field is a playing field upon which baseball is played.

How big is the baseball field in yards?

Almost every baseball field is a different size.

What is a baseball playground called?

A playing field or a diamond.

How do they change the Oakland stadium from a football field to a baseball field?

Ashtro turf

How many players in playing baseball?

In The game of baseball there are 9 people in the field at once

How many square feet are in a baseball field?

A baseball infield is 90ft on a side. Thus the square feet of the infield is 90 x 90 = 8100 square feet. The square feet of the entire playing field, infield and outfield, varies. Every baseball field has slightly different dimensions. So any answer for the square feet of a baseball field would have to be an average of all baseball fields surveyed.

What is the left field rule in baseball?

When you're playing sandlot baseball and short on players in the field, you determine all hits must go to left field or its an out. Thus, the left field rule.

What is the definition of out field?

In ball sports like baseball, cricket etc, being far out in the playing field.

Does baseball have 9 players on offense and defense?

baseball does not have offense and defense but the people that are playing field or bat

Is Baseball ump part of the field if hit by a batted ball?

Rules state that the umpires are part of the playing field.

Which was the first baseball stadium to have a roof over its playing field?

The Skydome in Toronto.

Why did the young baseball player chase his sister around the field?

He was playing catch her

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