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Q: How many of the Chicago cub players are married?
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Who was the last Chicago cub player to win the young award?

Greg Maddux was the last Chicago Cub to win the Cy Young Award in 1992.

What is the mascot for the Chicago Cubs baseball team?

a cub

Most recent Chicago cub hall offame?

It is Andre Dawson.

What time do Chicago Cub games generally start?


Who is the best Chicago cub ever?

The one in all.....Ernie Banks

Who played his entire baseball career from 1953 to 1971 with the Chicago Cubs and earned him the nickname Mr Cub?

Ernie Banks played his entire baseball career with the Chicago Cubs, where he earned the nickname "Mr. Cub".

Who was the last Chicago Cub to win 20 games in a season?

dan liber

Did a Chicago Cub ever wear 28?

Mark Bellhorn wore #28.

Name the Cub that didn't come from Chicago and is sometimes compared to a famous Lizzie thanks to a simple affordable nature?

Piper J-3 Cub

Who was the MVP for the Chicago Cubs in 2009?

There was no Cub player who won the MVP award in 2009. The last Cub player to do so was Sammy Sosa in 1998.

How many parallel angles does a cub have?

A bear cub, a cub scout, perhaps!

What Chicago cub hit 3 home runs in one game?

Derrick Lee