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There was no Cub player who won the MVP award in 2009. The last Cub player to do so was Sammy Sosa in 1998.

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Q: Who was the MVP for the Chicago Cubs in 2009?
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Are the Chicago Cubs in the playoffs 2009?

No. The Chicago Cubs did not make the playoffs in 2009.

Are the Chicago cubs in the playoffs?

No. The Chicago Cubs did not make the playoffs in 2009.

National league mvp 1998?

1998 NL MVP= Sammy Sosa, Chicago Cubs 1998 AL MVP= Juan Gonzalez, Texas Rangers

Which baseball player for the Chicago Cubs was MVP of the National League in 1998?

Sammy Sosa.

Who led the Chicago Cubs in home runs for 2009?

In 2009, Derrek Lee led the Chicago Cubs in home runs, with 35.

What team did the Chicago Cubs play on August 14 2009?

On August 14, 2009, the Chicago Cubs played the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Cubs won the game, 17-2.

What is the Chicago Cubs team batting average?

The 2009 Chicago Cubs had a team batting average of .255

Who was the only Chicago Cubs player to win back to back MVP awards?

Ernie Banks in 1958 and 1959.

How many games did the Chicago Cubs win in 2009?

They were 83-78 in 2009.

Who won the 1987 NL MVP?

Andre Dawson of the Chicago Cubs, who won the award playing for a last-place team.

Are the Chicago Cubs going to win the 2009 world series?

No. The Yankees did .

What is the 2009 record for the cubs - cardinals series?

The Chicago Cubs recorded 6 wins and 10 losses versus the St. Louis Cardinals in the 2009 season.