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alot as v speak they are playing more cricket and you can go to wikipedia for more...........

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Q: How many odi matches India played till now?
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What is the total test matches played by India?

Till the date India Playes 430 test matches.

Did India ever beaten Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka in Test Cricket?

Sri Lanka and India have played 35 test matches till now. India have won 14 matches and lost 6 matches while 15 matches were drawn. So India has beaten Sri Lanka on many occasions.

How many matches India have won till now?

India won 2 world cups

How many matches were played for the the Euro cup and which year?

There are 60 matches played in euro cup starting to till year2012.

How many one day matches were played between srilanka and Pakistan till date?

126 Matches were Played between srilanka and Pakistan till 27-11-2011

How many test matches Indian cricket team has played till now?


How many test matches has Australian cricket team played till today?

Australia played 719 matches till Feb, 2010 and has won 337 of them; 2 tied; and lost 186 - rest were drawn

How many number of Test matches did India play till date?

450 Including the recent SA series.

How many odi has India played till now?


How many odi has Pakistan played against India?

As of April 21, 2011, Pakistan have participated in 367 Test cricket matches, their first taking place against India between October 16 - 18, 1952. India won the match by a margin of an innings and 70 runs.

How many cricket test matches have Australia won against England till date?

133 out of the 326 matches played. England won 102.

How many test matches has India won so far?

India have played tests against England and won 19 tests and lost 34 tests while 45 tests were drawn, with a win rate of 42%