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450 Including the recent SA series.

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Q: How many number of Test matches did India play till date?
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What is the total test matches played by India?

Till the date India Playes 430 test matches.

Total run in test cricket till date by virendra sehwag?

6248 runs in 72 test matches. These are the total runs in test cricket till date by virendra sehwag.

How many cricket test matches have Australia won against England till date?

133 out of the 326 matches played. England won 102.

What is the approximate date till India be at no 1 spot in test?

India becomes no.1 in the test cricket on sun 6 9.55 -10.10am

How many Test matches have India lost in which Virender Sehwag has scored a century?

Of the 22 occasions in Test matches in which former Leicestershire batsman Virender Sehwag scored a century, India have lost the match on five occasions, against: South Africa (Date: Nov. 2001) (losing margin: 9 wickets) Australia (Date: Dec. 2003) (losing margin: 9 wickets) Pakistan (Date: Mar. 2005) (losing margin: 168 runs) South Africa (Date: Feb. 2010) (losing margin: an innings and 6 runs) Sri Lanka (Date: July 2010) (losing margin: 10 wickets)

Which date India experiment atom bomb in India?

India's first atomic test explosion was on 18 May 1974 with Smiling Buddha.

Where can I find recent cricket news from India?

A good place to find cricket news for India would be Times of India. They give live up to date cricket scores for India matches and series. They also give cricket news and records.

Which wicket keeper has the maximum number of stumpings?

Till Date Kumar Sangakkara with 111 stumpings in 463 matches.

How many One Day International cricket matches has India won till date?

India played total 753 ODI and out of them win 365, loss 351, tied 3, and No result are 34.

How do I schedule a test date?

How do I schedule a test date?

How many cricket matches Australia wins continuously in world cup?

34 matches till date

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