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Q: How many negro players wear number 7 in the NFL?
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How many players in the NBA wear?

number 23

How many players wear number 13 in the NFL?


Which New York Yankee did not wear the number 2?

There were many players on the Yankees that didn't wear the #2. Click on the link below to see the players who did wear it.

How many AHL players wear 99?

you can't wear number 99 it only goes up to 98

What players wear number 11?


How many baseball players wear number 42?

Only Mariano Rivera is the only person utilizing that number.

What players wear number 31?

Jason Terry!!!

Are there any NFL players that wear number 7?

There are a lot of players that wear #7, but the most widely one known is Michael Vick.

Which NBA players wear number 35?

Kevin derunt does

What nba players wear number 37?

Ron artest

What NHL players wear number 9?

Zach Parise

What famous players wear number 13?

Alex Morgan