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Zero, they have not yet won a national championship, they did go to a final four under Digger Phelps.

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Notre Dame has not won any national championships in Basketball.

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Q: How many national championships has notre dame won in all sports?
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Does Notre Dame have thirteen national championships?

Maybe if you include all sports!

Who has the most national collage football championships?

Alabama Crimson tide with 13 championships.

What were the years that notre dame football won national championships?

Notre Dame played for the National Championship vs Boston College in Denver Colorado. Notre Dame beat Michigan to make it to the Final Game on the Frozen Four only to lose to BC.

What state was the first to win back to back national championships in college football?

Notre Dame

Who has the most football championships before the BCS?

Alabama has 12 national championships, and 53 bowl appearances, both NCAA records.

How many national championships does ND have?

Notre Dame has 13 National Championship titles, 11 of which are outright.

What makes the Notre Dame football team so famous?

Notre Dame is well known for being the Irish football team, and also for the achievments the team has accomplished. Notre Dame has claimed 11 national championships; however, their last was 1988.

Who was the only team to win 13 national championships?

Notre Dame Fighting Irish because they are the best ever.

Which conference has won the most national championships?

Notre Dame and Alabama are tied with eight

How many championships does Notre Dame recognize that they have won?


How many BCS championships has Notre Dame won?


What is Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the varsity sports team of the renowned University of Notre Dame. They participate in 23 NCAA Division 1 intercollegiate sports.