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Q: How many moves possible in chess?
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How many possible combination of moves in a chess game?

There literally is an infinite number of moves possible.

How many possible combinations are there in the first four moves of chess?

318,979,564,000 moves

How many possible play of chess are not the same?

millions and billions of possibilities there are 18 possible moves at the very start of the game!

In a game of chess how many diffrent choices do you have for your first move?

There are 20 possible moves for your first move.

Are two moves possible in chess?

do you mean 'can you checkmate someone in 2 moves'. Because if so then yes.

Where can you learn chess moves?

The best place to learn chess moves would be only at the Chess website. It shows many different techniques for winning at a chess game and can prove useful.

What is the number of possible chess moves in a chess game?

After white's first move, there are twenty possible positions. After black's first move, you have 400 possible positions. From there, the possibilities go on and on.

1 In chess there are how many ways to play the first ten moves?

There are 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 ways to play the first 10 moves in chess

The shortest game of Chess can be won in how many moves for one opponent?

The shortest number of possible moves to a checkmate is two moves. This is called fool's mate, though it rarely naturally occurs.

How many moves can a queen make in the game of chess?


How many possibilities in chess?

Their is endless possibilities in chess since there is no limit to the amount of moves able to be made.

How do you perform a four moves in chess?

"Two-Move Checkmate" (also known as "Fool's Mate") is the quickest possible checkmate in chess ; example consists of the moves :1. f3 e52. g4?? Qh4#

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