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You are allowed no more than 5 minutes.

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Q: How many minutes allowed to search for a lost golf ball?
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Related questions

In golf how many minutes does a player have to search for their ball before it must be declared lost?

From the time they arrive in the area where they believe the ball is, they are allowed 5 minutes.

How many minutes to find lost golf ball?

From you arrive in the area you believe the ball to be, you are allowed five minutes to find the ball. If people help look for your ball do not worry, as it is from when you arrive in the area.

How long do you have to search for a golf ball before it is lost under the rules?

From the time the player whose ball it is arrives in the area that they believe the ball is you have five minutes.

You hit a golf ball in an empty lake your partners dont want you to look for it but theres a chance i can find it?

You are allowed five minutes under the lost ball rule

What is the maximum time allowed for you to search for your golf ball?

its 10 man minutes . so if there is 2 of you looking its 5 mins but you need to be conscious of slow play and holding up other games behind

Does a heated golf ball go farther then a cold golf ball?

A warmer golf ball goes further, you cannot warm it up though because that is not allowed under the rules of golf.

When should you change your golf ball?

You are only allowed to change your golf ball before you have commenced on a given hole, the exception being if you lose a golf ball. You should clearly state to all playing partners that you have changed your ball and what brand and number it is.

Does the temperature of a golf ball affect its performance?

Yes, the warmer a ball is the further it will fly and similarly, the colder it is the shorter it will fly. You are not allowed to deliberately alter the temperature of a golf ball, this is against the rules.

Can you carry the golf ball in your pocket between holes?

Yes, this is perfectly allowed.

Can you borrow a golf ball in tournament?

In the amateur game yes, you are allowed to do so.

How much time is allowed to find a lost ball when playing a hole in golf?

From the moment you arrive in the area where you or your playing partners believe that your ball may be; you have five minutes to find your ball. If you fail to do so you must either head back to the tee and play another ball, or play your provisional ball.(If you already played one from the tee)

In Golf are you allowed to hit the ball with a putter in the Sand Trap?

Yes, but why you would do so is beyond me.

How far does a golf ball roll in one rotation?

Let's assume that your golf ball is 1.680 inches in diameter - the smallest size golf ball allowed in certain golfing associations. Then we know that the circumference of the golf ball will be the distance it would roll in one complete rotation. Circumference = pi * diameter Circumference = 3.14 * 1.680 in Circumference = 5.2752 inches = the distance that this particular golf ball would roll

How does temperature effect golf balls?

Yes, warmer golf balls fly farther, and they fly shorter when colder. You are not allowed to deliberately change the temperature of a golf ball as this is against the rules.

In a golf game if a golfer hits a ball and it lands on the fairway is he allowed to pick the ball up and put it on a tee?

No, the only time you are allowed to place the ball on a tee is when you are in the designated teeing ground hitting what is determined as the tee shot.

What is the function of a golf ball?

to play golfPeople uses a golf ball by ....the function of a golf ball is so people can ENJOY golf & can play golf !!:) This is the function of the golf ball more details you could say in order to play golf you need a golf ball, so golf ball is an important item in GOLF !!:)

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or tennis ball?

A Golf Ball

Which ball bonces higher the golf ball or the styrofoam ball?

Golf ball

What weighs more a tennis ball or a golf ball?

a golf ball weighs more than a tennis ball

What is a resort monagrammed golf ball?

It is a golf ball that has the logo of a resort/golf course printed on the ball.

How many minutes can you look for a lost ball in golf?

If it is your ball, you have 5 minutes from the time you arrive in the area that you think the ball may be in to find your ball. If you cannot find it after 5 minutes you must either go back to where you played your last shot from and hit another, or play your provisional if you already have done so.

Which ball bounces higher golf ball or Styrofoam?

Golf Ball

Which can fall faster a soccer ball or golf ball?

golf ball

Is a bowling ball faster or a golf ball?

a golf ball obviously...

If your golf ball has mud on it while its in the faireway what do you do?

Play the ball as it lies, you are only allowed to mark and clean your ball when you are on the putting surface (green). You would receive a two shot penalty if you cleaned your ball.