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In the amateur game yes, you are allowed to do so.

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Q: Can you borrow a golf ball in tournament?
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What does swat mean in golf?

a "Swat" or "SWAT" in golf is another word for a "scramble" or "best ball" tournament.

What ball does greg Norman hit?

The ball that Greg Norman hits is the golf ball. Greg Norman turned pro in 1976 as a tournament player.

What are the release dates for Mail Call - 2002 Celebrity Golf Tournament Gala Ball and Auction 5-14?

Mail Call - 2002 Celebrity Golf Tournament Gala Ball and Auction 5-14 was released on: USA: 9 November 2004

What is an x out golf ball?

An x-out golf ball is a ball which does not meet the quality control standards of the manufacturer. There may be a defect in the dimple pattern, there may be a problem with the logo or the ball may not balance. They are ideal for practice, but not so good for tournament play.

Is a crystal ice pink golf ball illegal to use in a tournament?

Of corse not it would be perfectly fine

How do you get prepared for a golf tournament?

To become prepared for a golf tournament, practice golfing.

What is a best ball tournament in golf?

The PGA Hackers CupThe PGA Hackers CupThe PGA Hackers Cup

Can Pro Golfers use Yellow Golf Balls?

Yes, pro golfers can use any colour of golf ball as long as it has been approved for tournament play.

Who pays PGA golf tournament purses?

the people that pays PGA golf tournament purses is the company that is sponsoring the tournament

Pro golfer Wayne Levi was the first PGA pro to win a tournament using what colored ball?

He won the Hawaiian Open with an Orange Golf ball.

When is the Masters Golf Tournament?

The Master's Golf Tournament is held in early April every year.

When did Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf happen?

Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf happened in 1989.

When was Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf created?

Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf was created in 1989.

When did NES Open Tournament Golf happen?

NES Open Tournament Golf happened in 1991.

Can you change golf balls in a golf tournaments?

You can change golf balls in a tournament. As long it is on different holes or the ball is unfit for play, (like if it hit the cart path and was scratched.) But if it was unfit for play you must tell your opponent.

What pro golf tournament is played in Georgia?

The Masters is the most famous golf tournament played in Georgia.

When was NES Open Tournament Golf created?

NES Open Tournament Golf was created on 1991-09-20.

Is a golf cup the same thing as a golf tee?

No, a golf cup can be either the plastic insert placed in the bottom of the target hole on the green, or the trophy presented to the winner of a golf tournament. A golf tee is a small wooden or plastic peg used to rest the ball upon when teeing off.

How does Boo Weekley mark his golf ball?

A tp on one side and an ao on the other, don't know what they stand for though. Oh he also has a big black BOO invetween them. Source he threw me his golf ball today at the tournament he was in and I was googling what they meant when I found this question.

Can a tournament director participate in a golf tournament he is officiating?


What exemption do golf tournament winner get?

Lifetime invitation to play in Masters Tournament

Who won the Master's Golf tournament in 1993?

The 1993 Master's Golf tournament was won by Bernard Langer with a score of 277.

Can lift golf ball when lie edge of fairway?

The only legal way of lifting the ball when it lies on the edge of the fairway is when the rules committee of a tournament is playing lift-clean- and place. This would be stated before the tournament began. This accounts for unsavory conditions such as rain. The player is allowed to place a tee where the ball was, clean the ball, and place it back in fairway.

What is the function of a golf ball?

to play golfPeople uses a golf ball by ....the function of a golf ball is so people can ENJOY golf & can play golf !!:) This is the function of the golf ball more details you could say in order to play golf you need a golf ball, so golf ball is an important item in GOLF !!:)

Why is the masters golf tournament called the masters?

because they are all masters at golf