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Q: How many meters can an olympic swimmer swim without turning?
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Why are Olympic pools 50 meters?

the olympic pools are 50 meters (long course) opposed to the typical short course 25 meters because if an olympic swimmer were to dive into a 25 M pool, they would take one stroke (practically) and hit the other end. if you have watched the Olympics (i am guessing you have), you see they streamline a lot underwater. now imagine the same swimmer diving like that into a shorter pool.... yea

A swimmer swims 125 meters in 526 seconds How many meters per second is the swimmer swimming?

4.208 Mp/s Do 526/125.

Who was the Australian swimmer who won the olympic gold medal 3 times for the 100 meters?

Dawn Fraser in women's 100 meter freestyle at the 1956, 1960, and 1964 Games.

A swimmer swims 80 meters in 40 seconds What is the swimmer's average speed?

The distance 80 meters divided by the time 40 seconds = 2 meters/second(*This is roughly 4.47 mph)

How many meters are in an olympic swimming pool?

There are usually 50 meters in a Olympic sized swimming pool.

What is the time for an average swimmer to swim 1500 meters?

The answer is 15.2 seconds.

What is the average speed to swim 25 meters?

With a dive a good club swimmer can swim 25 meters in around 10 - 11 seconds. An average swimmer should bbe able to swim 25 meters in around 20 seconds

What is Olympic size pool?

50 meters 50 meters

What is the average Olympic shot put throw?

The average Olympic shot put throw for me is 20 meters. As for the women, the average Olympic shot is 15 meters.

A meter is 3.37 inches more than a yard. Swimmer A swims 100 meters. Swimmer B swims 100 yards. Approximately how many more feet did swimmer A swim than swimmer B?

Approx 28.1 feet.

Who is the faster lady swimmer over 50 meters?

Marleen Veldhuis- 23.25

How many lengths of an Olympic swimming pool equals 3 meters?

One length of an Olympic sized pool is 50 meters.

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