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Marleen Veldhuis- 23.25

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โˆ™ 2011-11-01 20:05:36
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Q: Who is the faster lady swimmer over 50 meters?
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What is the possessive form of swimmer?

The possessive form for the noun swimmer is swimmer's.example: The swimmer's time has improved over the season.

Is usain bolt faster than a horse over 100 meters?

i would say that Usain Bolt is not faster than a horse he will so slow at a horse

What is Possessive form of swimmers?

The possessive form for the noun swimmer is swimmer's.example: The swimmer's time has improved over the season.

How does the second swimmer know when to jump in a relay swim race?

The most common way is to stand 3/4 from the front of the block and wait for the swimmer to come. When the swimmer gets to the "T" at the end of the pool the swimmer on the block dives in over the swimmer in the water.

How much does a profesional swimmer make?

over 900 billion a year

What are caps made of?

swimming caps are made of special elasticated plastic i know this because i am a competitive swimmer myself the hats if you put it over your ears as well as your head makes you go faster hope this if what your are looking for :)

Do sound waves travel even faster through liquids and solids?

Yes. The denser the medium, the faster it travels. So, it travels fastest in solids, and slowest in gases. It can range from only about 340 meters per second in air, to over 2000 meters per second in steel.

Should you go to the doctor if you get swimmer's ear every time you go swimming?

There are several over-the-counter remedies for swimmer's ear - two in the US are Swim-Ear and Star-Otic.

How long is 20.02 meters?

Slightly over 20 meters.

How did elise marcotte become a synchronized swimmer?

She Became a swimmer at a young age and always wanted to be an olymian over anything and ended up following her dreams. I just met her tonight so inspiring

What is nickname of the swimmer from Equatorial Guinea who took over 2 minutes to complete 100 meters freestyle in the Sydney Olympics 2000?

Eric the Eel! Real name Eric Moussambani who swam the 100 meter freestyle in 1:52.72 in a preliminary heat.

When is it over?

When the fat lady sings

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