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They have played for over 21 seasons, so lots of games in a season.

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Q: How many matches have the harlequin rugby team played?
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How many international rugby matches did will carling play in?

He has played 72 rugby games for England.

How many different NZ venues will the rugby matches be played in?


How many times have Ireland beaten wales in rugby?

Since 1882, Ireland and Wales have played 117 rugby matches: Ireland have won 47 matches. Wales have won 64 matches. There have been 6 drawn matches.

How many times have England beat Ireland at rugby?

Since 1875, England and Ireland have played a total of 125 rugby matches: England have won 71 matches. Ireland have won 46 matches. There have been 8 drawn matches.

How many times have Scotland lost to England in Rugby union?

Since 1871, Scotland and England have played a total of 129 rugby matches: Scotland have won 42 matches. England have won 69 matches. There have been 18 drawn matches.

How many different new zealand venues will the rugby world cup matches be played in?


How many rugby test matches have South Africa won?

They have played 407 and won 255 (62.65%)

Where can rugby tickets be purchased in Wales?

Rugby tickets in Wales can be purchased at the Welsh Rugby Union. The Welsh Rugby Union has many ticket options for many rugby matches in Wales. Pre-registration is also available for matches.

How many games will be played at the 2011 Rugby World Cup?

A total of 48 matches will be played at the 2011 Rugby World Cup, between September 9 and October 23.

How many rugby matches have ended 0-0?

567 rugby matches in history have ended up 0-0. hehe

How many matches has wales won this year in rugby?

Played 6 upto 19/02/2010 and won 3

How many times have Ireland beaten France at rugby?

Up to 2011, Ireland and France have contested 89 rugby matches. France have won 55 matches. Ireland have won 29 matches. There have been 5 drawn matches.

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