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Q: How many match between kane and undertaker?
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Will the Undertaker come back in 2010?

Yes at SummerSlam (2010)... Many websites also believe that WWE would make the match Kane and Mystery Man (Undertaker) in a casket match at summerslam and another beginning of the Undertaker and Kane's feud

Did the undertaker from WWE get hurt?

The short answer is, No. The Undertaker and Kane have a buried alive match and Kane always wins. Then the Undertaker goes out "Hurt", but in reality he is on vacation. It has happened many times in the past. Then, 'Taker comes back and the cycle starts over.

How many inferno matches have their been?

undertaker vs HHH undertaker vs Kane Kane vs mvp

Who won WrestleMania 2011?

There were many matches in WrestleMania 2011, but the biggest and most known match was the match between The Undertaker and Triple H, where The Undertaker won.

How many times has kane beat the undertaker?


How many times Kane defeated the Undertaker?

couple times

How many fights have undertaker and Kane had in their lives?


Who won the match of wrestle main 27 between undertaker vs tripple h?

Undertaker won by way of submission. It was a brutal match with many chair shots on both superstars, but the Undertaker got 'Hells Gate' locked in and HHH tapped out. Though, after that match the Undertaker couldn't stand up and had to be carried of in a stretcher.

How many matches undertaker won over Kane?

At least 20+ i think.

How many brother undertaker got?

5 David, Michael, Paul, Timothy, And Kane

Who is Kane the wrestler?

Kane is a WWE wrestler and also the brother of the Ledgend The Undertaker. He has won many different matches. Good Luck, sspr

How many members are there in wwe Kane's family?

Kane is the younger half brother of The Undertaker, and the son of the late Paul Bearer(rest in peace).

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