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Q: How many male US soccer players have captained teams in the English Premier League?
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How many US soccer players have captained English Premier League teams?


How many American players in the English premier league?

35 American players are in the English premier league.

Which team has the most English players in the premier league?


What is the median age of football players in English premier league?


What is the lowest salary for football players in the English premier league?


List of English premier league highest paid players?


Minimum wage for English premier league players?

It is around 13,000

How many French footballers play in the English Premier League?

69 players

Who are Muslim players in all team in English premier league?

samir nasrii

Who are the only American players to play in the English premier premier league?

Please refer to the related links below for lists!

Who am i i have captained the three premier league teams that i have played for i have also captained my country yet have not cost a penny in transfer fees?

Lucas Neill?

Who are the top ten highest signing players in English premier league 2012?


What sports drink do English premier league players drink?

Lucozade sports drinks

Which English premier league players have played in the world cup final?

paul gascoigne, cantona and a view other players

Premier league players that have won the champions league but not the premier league?

The Liverpool team.

Which 2 players have won the world cup and English premier league and champions league?

David Villa, Iniesta, etc

English premier league highest paid players?

It is Carlos Tevez with 250,000 pounds a week.

Which English players have an English and Scottish Premier League winners medal?

Chris Sutton Roy Keane ? Andrei Kanchelskis

Which is better the championship league or the premier league?

The English Premier League is the highest league in English Football, while the Npower Championship League is the league below the premier league. Financially and popularly, it is much better to be in the Premier League instead of the Championship League.

Players who have played for Celtic who have scored hatricks in the English premier league?

Jalraldo Goudi scored 2 hatricks during his career with Celtic in the English Premier Leage. hope i helped!

Where may I find the names of players for each game in English Premier League?


Who are the highest paid players in the Barclay English premier league?

david silva and rioba van fortune

Name the 3 Spanish players to win the English premier league?

Pique, del horno,Reyes

How much in terms of percentage do English premier league players pay as tax out of their earnings?

50 percent

A list of top 100 highest weekly wages players in Barclay English premier league?