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Q: Who are the top ten highest signing players in English premier league 2012?
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What did west ham do wrong when Carlos tevez went there?

Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez both signed for West Ham, in 2006. Tevez's agent Kia Joorabchian, runs 'Media Sports Investment', his company partially owned the players. The Premier League has strick rules in signing players owned by third parties, West Ham broke these rules in signing the players.

What advantages do NFL players have?

signing a contract

How can one become Dell premier member?

There are many ways one can become a Dell premier member. One can become a Dell premier member by signing up a the official Dell website. Dell premier members are able to customize their own pages.

When are Green Bay Packers Players doing an autograph signing?


Who was the First Italian in the English premiership?

Andrea Silenzi was the first Italian to play in the English Premier League. He was signed by Nottingham Forest's manager Frank Clark in the summer of 1995 for £1.8m.

What is a minor league baseball players signing bonus worth?

A signing bonus can be worth anything. This is money that is given to the player when he signs the contract and does not count towards any salary cap the league would have. Minor League players generally do not have large signing bonuses unless they are top draft picks --- Tigersy2k3

What is the number of the french players who played in Chelsea fc?

Two, Malouda and new signing Hazard.

Where do the players signing autographs in the United Center?

They usually sign them around the place the enter the arena at.

What baseball team is going to be the best in 2012?

The marlins because they are signing a lot of great players.

Who was the first 3 million pound signing in English football?


Are NFL players contracts guarantee?

No. Guaranteed contracts are forbidden under the NFL's bargaining agreements with its players. Guaranteed portions of contracts are allowed, as are signing bonuses.

Top 10 highest paid player in English premier league?

the highest payed player in England is 2011 is Yaya Toure he made a signing for Man city for 24million pounds and sign a five year contract for 55.6 million pounds with a weekly salary of 185,000 pounds making him the highest paid he will also receive an image rights payment 0f 1.6 million and additional bonuses of 823,000 pounds anytime city qualify for champions league and 412,000 pounds if he wins that champions league there are also other benefits for winning the league and FA cup

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