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9 katas total

3 main katas originated china and were practiced in the original pangainoon style

and 5 kata's other katas were invented by master kanei uechi.

4. sanchin (first original kata).

2. kanshiwa.

3. kanshu (also known as "dani sesan").

5. seichin.

6. sesan (second original kata).

7. seiryu.

8. kanchin.

9. sanseru (third original kata).


(Taw-shee-sh-oh-dawn)toshishodan this is learnd first actually

there are some organisations that added kata's or drills

but this are the "uechi ryu" 9 kata's

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Q: How many kata are there in Uechi Ryu?
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How old were most of the people that studied Uechi Ryu karate?

All ages study Uechi Ryu karate.

Who invented fukyu kata ich?

Sochin Nagamine of Matsubyashi Shorin Ryu

What is the best kata to do in a karate tournament goju Kai?

super rimpei. It is the highest goju ryu kata The one that you do the best! Technique, focus and power are more important than the specific kata you do.

How many basic forms of karate are there?

It depends on the actual style of karate. There are many variations between the styles, so there is no one 'universal' first form , or kata. Some styles share the same forms, at different ranks. For example, one style's first form may be another one's second, and with slight variations.

Who is Steve Nagle?

Martial arts expert teaching shotokan & wado ryu in the UK . Specializing in kata .

What kata comes after basai dai?

The order that kata is taught in is dependent on the school and the instructor. Some even tailor it to the individual. In my style Kusanku Dai is the kata taught after Bassai Dai.

Which karate style has the most kata to remember?

Even within styles, the requirements vary. For Shodan in my style of Shorin Ryu, you have to learn 22 kata. There are another 3 that are commonly studied.

What is uechi ryu karate?

GoJu Ryu means hard and soft. A person must have a balance of both to get it right. Chojun Miyagi created the system based on what he learned from his master, Kanryo Higaonna. Higaonna studied under two Chinese masters as well as a native Okinawan (Seisho Aragaki). The style teaches circular blocks, proper breathing, strength, and fighting in close. Goju-ryu is traditionally characterized by shorter stances, the circular blocks, and audible breathing.

What is wada ryu karate?

Wada ryu karate is a form of karate that has influences from all the main styles of karate, but the only differences are in the kata's. for example, the pinan's and unsu are from Wada ryu style.

Is there a Kata with complicated kicks?

Depends upon what you consider complicated kicks. The Kusanku katas in Shorin Ryu, as well as Chinto have some tricky kicks in them, but not really complicated.

In Okinawa is Shotokan karate called Shotokan?

Japanese Shotokan Karate is taught on Okinawa. The roots of Shotokan are in Shorin Ryu karate, most of the kata can be identified as being the same.

How many pages does Toyota Kata have?

Toyota Kata has 306 pages.