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Q: How many how many fifty point games did Micheal Jordan have?
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Most 40 point games in nba?

Wilt Chamberlain, followed by Micheal Jordan, and then Kobe Bryant

Who has the best point average in the NBA history?

micheal jordan 30.1

What position did Micheal Jordan play when he played baseball?

he played point gard

What year did Micheal Jordan make his first three point shot?

he made his first three point shot for the Chicago Bulls

How many 50 point game did Michael Jordan have?

Michael Jordan scored 34 50-point games

How many 30 point games did Michael Jordan have?

Actully he has only played around 1400 games and has had 671 30 point games

How many 40 point games does Michael Jordan have?


How many 40 plus point games did Jordan have in his career?


How many 40 point games did Michel Jordan scored?

Michel jordon

50 point games Michael Jordan had in NBA Finals?

Once. Michael Jordan scored 55 points against the Phoenix Suns in the 1993 NBA Finals.

When was Jordan Point Light created?

Jordan Point Light was created in 1855.

How many 50 point plus games did Michael Jordan have?

In his professional basketball career, Michael Jordan had 30 games where he scored more than 50 points. He won the NBA Championship 6 times.

Did Micheal Jordan ever play power forward?

No, he did not. He played most of his career at the shooting guard position, with a occasional minutes as a point guard and very limited minutes as a small forward.

What NBA players have the most 30 point games?

Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan ervin Johnson

What NBA player holds the career for most 50 point games in the playoffs?

Michael Jordan - 8

What is 50.2 in words?

Fifty point two.

Was Michael Jordan a point guard player?

Yes, Michael Jordan was a point guard player.

What is 3.59 in word form?

Three point five nine OR three point fifty nine OR three and fifty nine hundredths.

What is Michael Jordan's high point games?

69 in a overtime game versus Cleveland and he also had 18 rebounds to go along with that.

How do you write zero point one and fifty in words?

It could be one hundred fifty thousandths.

How can we write decimal 50.2 in words?

fifty point twofifty and two tenths

What is the highest point in the country Jordan?

Michael Jordan's hair before he retired.

What position was Michael Jordan as a Chicago bull?

Michael Jordan was a point guard.

Who score the most point between Jordan vs Kobe?

Michael Jordan

Did Kobe Bryant break any of jordans records?

Kobe scored 81 points. 13 35+ point games in a row. 4 50+ point games in a row. 9 40+ point games in a row. All previously held my Jordan.

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