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24 home games (48 total games per team)

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2013-01-13 17:56:20
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Q: How many home games in the 2013 NHL Hockey season?
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How many people attend Blackhawk hockey games in Chicago?

During the 2009-2010 season, the average is 20,977 fans per home game.

How many games does a NFL football team play at home?

A NFL Team's home games in a typical season: Preseason: 2 Home games Regular Season: 8 Home Games Post Season: * If Wild Card: Up to 1 home game * If Division Champion: Up to 2 Home Games 2 preseason games, 8 regular season games and up to 2 playoff games.

Where can one download the Schedule to watch Penguins Hockey?

One can download the season schedule for the Pittsburgh Penguins through the official website. One can search by home games or away games and find games that offer promotions or giveaways.

How many home games in a baseball season?

As far as MLB goes, each team plays 162 games in a season ... 81 home games and 81 games on the road.

How many games do the san francisco giants play at home?

81 regular season games at home + playoff home games

Which Canadian hockey team plays its home games in the Olympic Saddledome?

The Canadian ice hockey team which plays its home games at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, is the Calgary Flames.Other home teams at the Saddledome are the Calgary Hitmen (Western Hockey League) and the Calgary Roughnecks (National Lacrosse League).

How many games are in a season?

There's 162 games in the regular season. 81 at home, 81 on the road.

How Many Twins Home Games?

There are always 81 home games and 81 away games in a regular season.

How many of 17 games are home games in a footbll season?


How many home games are played at Yankee Stadium each season?

The New York Yankees play 162 games each season. 81 games at home, and 81 games away.

How many home games do the Cleveland Indians play 2009?

In the regular season, not in the off season, the Indians play 81 total home games.

How many home games does each NBA team play in a season?

Each team plays 41 home games in an NBA regular season.

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