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there are 6 including the goalie

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Q: How many hockey player on the ice at one time?
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How is ice time in hockey?

Do you mean what is ice time in hockey? If so, ice time in hockey is the amount of time a player is actually on the ice, not the bench. This is used for stats and comparison.

How many player in an ice hockey team on the ice at any one time?


How do they track hockey player's ice time?

With a stop watch.

What can you call an ice hockey player?

A hockey player

What does a ice hockey player do?

They play hockey

How many player participate in hockey game?

In ice hockey there are six people per team on the ice at a time, including the goalie, and usually 17 players on the bench: 9 forwards, 6 defencemen, and two goalies In field hockey there are 11 per team.

What is the name of player who play ice hockey?

Sidney Crosbie play ice hockey !

How many time play ice hockey?

uhhh... wut

What is a shift in ice hockey?

A shift in hockey is the time spent on the ice by the player. It is usually measured along with his line mates. A shift usually lasts less than 60 seconds.

What footwear does a hockey player wear?

a ice hockey boot

What is the average time that a professional hockey player in the NHL stays on the ice?

10-15 minutes

How many hockey players in the rink?

In ice hockey - five (5) players and one (1) goaltender are allowed on the ice at one time, per team.

In the 1920 Olympics what was the 7th player in hockey called?

Prior to World War I, an ice hockey teams had seven players on the ice at one time when it was penalty free. One goaltender, two defencemen, three forwards and a player called the rover.

Who is the wrost ice hockey player?


What is a penalty box in ice hockey?

A box between benches that a player has to sit in for the duration of his penalty time

Average time on ice for NHL ice hockey players?

I think the average time a player spends on the ice in one shift probably 20, maybe 30 seconds. The average time on ice for a hockey player in one game... anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Usually the better defensemen spend around 25-30 minutes on the ice each night, but average forwards usually spend around 20-25 minutes.

How does a hockey player reduce friction between his skates and the ice?

with hockey tape

Where is ice hockey from?

It orriganated from Canada, but it moved down and arround the world. I know because I'm a Ice Hockey player!

How many hockey players on the ice at one time?

there are 6 including the goalie

How many players per team are permitted to play on the court for hockey?

In ice hockey, 5 skaters and 1 goaltender are allowed on the ice, per team, at one time.

Who is Zach Smith?

a Canadian professional ice hockey player

How does force apply to ice hockey?

Force applies to ice hockey because the ice hockey player must propel himself forward when he goes for the puck. When someone propels themselves forward, this is force.

How are substitutions made in a ice hockey game?

In a hockey game, stubstitutions are either made on the fly or during a whistle. Its a pretty simple concept. A player goes on the ice and a player comes off the ice to the bench.

Is Marian Gaborik still the fastest ice hockey player in the world?

yes gaborik is still the fastest hockey player

How many people play ice hockey in America?

Not that many but there are a lot of ice hockey teams that play for the nhl.