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For every team there is a coach

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Q: How many high school girls basketball coaches are there in Texas?
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Who coaches temple universities girls basketball team?

ray quamire

Can girls play football on a middle school team when all coaches are boys?

It depends on what your school rules are. If your school rules and coaches allow it, then yes.

What has the author Vincent P Carocci written?

Vincent P. Carocci has written: 'Building character--Harry's way!!' -- subject(s): Basketball coaches, Trinity High School (Camp Hill, Pa.), Biography, Basketball for girls

What are fall sports for high school girls in Texas?

there are things like indooor hockey, curling, basketball and many others. i used 2 live in Texas so there are the answers!

What high school girls basketball has most state championships?

Southwood (LA) High School has won the most state titles in girls basketball with 10

When was USA Today High School Girls' Basketball Coach of the Year created?

USA Today High School Girls' Basketball Coach of the Year was created in 1983.

What are winter high school sports?

At the varisty level you have boys and girls basketball, wrestling, boys and girls wintertrack and depending in your school you could have cheerleading and a kickline for the basketball games.

What high school sports are played in winter?

wrestling, girls basketball and boys basketball

Who is the top coach for girls college basketball?

Pat Summit of Tennessee, Geno Auriema of Connecticut, and Tara Vanderveer of Stanford are all great coaches in women's college basketball right now.

How many boys play high school basketball in America?

Approximately 535,570 boys play high school basketball in the United States. The number of high school girls that play basketball is about 436,100.

What is the height of a high school girls basketball hoop?


In basketball rules and regulations what are the dimensions for a girls high school basketball court?

the exact same as any other.

How tall is a high school girls basketball hoop supposed to be?


What is the height of a high school girls basketball net?

10 feet

Is boys basketball and girls volleyball the same season?

Not for High School.

How high is a junoir girls high school basketball hoop?

ten feet

How many timeouts do you have in basketball?

depends on level, but high school girls it is 2

What is a 8th grade Girls school basketball team size?

12 playas

Number of boys or girls high school basketball teams in the US?


Is a spalding basketball a girls basketball?

Spalding can be a girls basketball or a guys basketball

How many state championships does Nazareth Texas girls basketball team have?

As of March 1 2014 it is now 19

How tall is the goal in girl's basketball?

height school girls is ten and a half feet

Boys and girls high school basketball team documentary?

A woman among boys

What is the size of a grade school basketball?

girls: 28.5 cm boys: 30.5 cm

What is the distance of High school girls basketball 3 point line?

19 feet?