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896 gymnasts participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

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2009-12-31 00:40:03
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Q: How many gymnasts participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics?
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How many countries participate in the summer Olympics?

It depends on what year of the Summer Olympics. In 2012 and 2008, 204 nations participated in the Summer Olympics. In 2004, 201 nations participated in the Summer Olympics.

Who participated in the 2008 summer Olympics?

Who are the gymnasts in 2008 summer Olympics?

kaitlyn wysman and Alli wysman. These are the two Canadian gymnastsin 2008 summer Olympic games

Sri lanka in winter Olympics?

As of the 2008 Summer Olympics, Sri Lanka has never participated in the Winter Olympics.

When did japan play in the Olympics?

Japan first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1912. They have participated in all Summer Olympic since except for 1948 and 1980. They first participated in the Winter Olympics in 1928 and have been in all Winter Games except the 1948 Games. The 2008 Olympics is the 20th Summer Games Japan has participated in. They have been to 18 Winter Games.

How many Malaysian male athletes participated in the 2008 summer Olympics?

2000 malatsin male athletes partcopated

Which gymnasts won gold medal at the Olympics in 2008?

Sydney Swords

Names of countries which participated in Olympics 2008?

names of countries that participated in the Beijing olyiumpics games 2008

How many times has South Africa participated in the Olympics?

The 2008 Olympic Summer Games is the 16th Olympic appearance for South Africa.

Where were the 2008 Olympics?

The 2008 Summer Olympics were held in Beijing, China.

When was the last time Iraq participated in the Olympics?


Number of swimmers participated in 2008 Olympics?


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