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Japan first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1912. They have participated in all Summer Olympic since except for 1948 and 1980. They first participated in the Winter Olympics in 1928 and have been in all Winter Games except the 1948 Games. The 2008 Olympics is the 20th Summer Games Japan has participated in. They have been to 18 Winter Games.

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Q: When did japan play in the Olympics?
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Olympics held in Japan which year?

1998 Winter Olympics were held in Japan.

When do Japan and US women play in Olympics 2012?

Thursday, August 9. 19:45

Which city hosted the Olympics in Japan?

The Olympics were hosted in Japan three times.1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo1972 Winter Olympics in Sapporo1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano

How many medals has Japan won at the olympics?

In the history of the Olympics, Japan has won a total of 435 medals.

Where are 2020 Summer Olympics taking place Qatar or Japan?

The 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

Did japan ever hold the Olympics?

Yes they did hold the Olympics :)

Did japan ever win the Olympics?

they didn't win the Olympics

Japan winter Olympics?

Nagano, Japan - 1998 Sapporo, Japan - 1972

What sport do the Indian's play in Olympics?

They don't play in the Olympics.

Where are the olympics in 2020?

In Tokyo, Japan

How many athletes in Olympics for japan?

293 athletes for London Olympics.

What other countries play softball?

Other countries that play softball include China, Australia, and Japan. Softball is played in the Olympics and is very popular in America.

In which year japan has hosted Olympics first?

Japan has held the Summer Olympics in Tokyo in 1964 and the Winter Olympics in 1972 in Sapporo and in 1998 in Nagano i found this

Where were 1998 Olympics held?

The 1998 Winter Olympics were held in Nagano, Japan.

When did Japan last hold the Olympics?

Nagano held the Winter Olympics in 1998.

How many times has japan competed in the Olympics?

Japan has competed in the Olympics since 1912 so that's 100 years exactly :)

All the womens who play for the Olympics?

=1800000 Women play at the Olympics990000 Men play at the Olympics=

Where is the 2020 olympics going to be held?


Where were the winter Olympics of 1972?

Sapporo, Japan.

The 1988 Olympics took place where?


Who is the last in the march past in Olympics?


Where will the summer Olympics be held and 2011?

in Japan

Where are 2020 summer Olympics?

Tokyo, Japan

Where are the 2020 summer Olympics?

Tokyo, Japan

Where is the 2020 Olympics going to be in?

Tokyo, Japan