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There are only 3 grips :Penhold grip,Shakehands grip and minor grips :D

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Q: How many grip are there in badminton?
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What are the 2 parts of badminton grip?

The 2 parts of badminton grip are replacement grips and overgrips.

Why does a badminton player his shoes in resin?

to get grip

What does a hand grip of a badminton racket made of?


Why does a badminton player shuffle his shoes in resin?

to get grip

What is the type of grip for badminton?

the 2 common grips are the forehand and backhand

What grip is used for playing grip badminton?

1. Shakehand 2. Chinese Penhold 3. Korean/Japanese Penhold 4. Reverse Penhold Grip 5. Seemiller grip 6. V-grip

What are the kinds of shuttlecock flights?

kinds of shuttlecock flights are SMASH GRIP BY: JIN LING BADMINTON COACH OF CHINA

Does the thickness of my badminton racquet grip affect my play?

The thickness of you racquet grip won't affect your play much. But, if after you have played a game and your wrist hurts, it means that your grip is a bit too thin. So get a thicker grip. Generally the thicker your grip the more control you have over your shots. It varies depending on how you play.

How many sustitutes is in badminton?

There are no subtitutes in badminton.

How do you do a underarm stroke in badminton?

If you know your forhand grip then you could just keep your arm straight and strike upwards! not down!

How many officials are needed in a badminton game?

there are 4 different officials in badminton

A badminton game goes to how many points?

badminton goes to 21 points.