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Q: How many goals have US scored in the world cup since 1930?
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How many goals have England scored in the world cup since 1930?

75 goals (From 1930 to June 17, 2010)

How many goals have Brazil scored in the World Cup since 1930?

203 goals. ( from 1930 to June 17th 2010)

How many goals has Spain scored since 1930?

80 goals (from 1930 to June 17, 2010)

How many goals were scored in 1930 FIFA World Cup?

70 goals

Who scored the most goals in the 1930 world cup?

Guillermo Stabile of Argentina was the top goal scorer in the 1930 fifa world cup with 8 goals.

What is the highest number of goals scored in an England match since 1930?

i dont no it pls tell me

How many goals has Mexico scored in all the World Cups?

49 goals (from 1930 to June 16th 2010)

How many goals have Uruguay scored in the history of the world cup altogether?

Uruguay have scored a total of 81 goals in the World Cup since its inauguration in 1930. This includes up to the 2014 tournament. In that time they have been champions twice and came fourth three times.

How many goals scored to date?

2063 from 1930-2006. Including this world cup it's 2201 so far :p.

Which country scored the 1st goal in the 1st world cup finals?

The first goal scored in the 1930 world cup was scored by France.

When was the last time that Brazil did not score any goals in the FIFA world cup?

Brazil have never failed to score a goal at a world cup. Even in 1930 and in 1966 when they went out in the group stage, they have still scored goals.

How many goals have ever been scored in the world cup?

Probably too many to count. There have been World Cups every 4 years since 1930 (except for 1942 and 1946 during World War 2). Go to the link below for the FIFA World Cup Records.

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