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75 goals (From 1930 to June 17, 2010)

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Q: How many goals have England scored in the world cup since 1930?
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How many goals did england scored in the world cup?

In the 2010 world cup England scored only 4 goals.

Who scored the most goals for England in the 2010 world cup?

Steven Gerrard has so far scored the most and only goals in the world cup for England!

Goals scored by England in 2010 world cup?


Who scored the most goals for England in the world cup?

Gary Lineker (10 goals)

Who has scored the most world cup goals since 1966?

Ronaldo has scored the most goals since the 1966 FIFA World Cup with a record fifteen goals (between 1994 and 2006).

How did England get to the World Cup?

England qualified with the help of 9 goals scored by Rooney.

Who scored the goals in the England world cup?

It was Gerrard, Upson, Defoe.

Who scored the most goals for England in the world cup qulifiers?

It was Wayne Rooney with 9 goals.

How many goals has Ronaldinho scored in World Cup play?

Two. He scored two goals at the 2002 world cup, against England and China, and did not score at the 2006 World Cup

Who scored the most goals for England in all the World Cups and how many?

Gary Lineker (10 goals).

Who scored and when in the 1966 world cup final?

Geoff Hurst scored 3 goals , and Martin peters scored 1 goal for England.

How many goals did Rooney score at 2010 world cup?

Rooney scored no goals whatsoever at the 2010 World Cup, suffering a terrible lack of form. There were only 3 goals scored for England in the entire tournament, scored by Gerrard, Defoe and Upson.