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Q: How many goals did veron score for Manchester United?
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Did juan Sebastian veron played for Manchester United?


Has anybody played for Chelsea and Manchester United?

Mark Hughes and Veron

Argentina players who have played for Manchester United?

tevez, veron, heinze...

Played for Manchester United and Chelsea?

Juan Sebastian Veron Mark Hughes

How many Argentinians have played for Manchester United?

Three: Veron, Heinze and Tevez.

Which man united player only played 1 game for Chelsea before joining Manchester united?

Juan Sebastien Veron

How much did Manchester united pay Lazio for Juan S. Veron in 2001?

£30.5 million or something like that...

Who has played for two out of four clubs Manchester united Chelsea arsenal and Liverpool?

mikel silvestri veron gotta be hundreds really?

How much did Chelsea pay Manchester United in 2003 for Juan Sebastian Vernon?

Chelsea never did buy Juan Sebastin Veron.

Which south American players have played for Manchester united?

Valencia-Ecuador Barthez, Tevez and Veron-Argentina Just to name some well known ones

When did Manchester United beat Spurs 5-3?

Manchester United beat Tottenham Hotspur by a margin of 5 goals to 3 on September 29, 2001 - a game which saw the Red Devils come back from 3 - 0 down away from home with goals from Andy Cole, Laurent Blanc, Ruud van Nistelrooij, Juan Veron, and David Beckham. Coincidentally, just the second fixture contested between the two teams, in the FA Cup replay of 1898-99, finished with an exact reverse of this scoreline, when Tottenham beat Manchester United 3 - 5.

Played for 2 of top 4 clubs?

William Gallas - Chelsea and Arsenal. Ashley Cole - Arsenal and Chelsea. Mikael Silvestre - Manchester United and Arsenal. Emmanuel Petit - Chelsea and Arsenal. Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool (Loan) and Chelsea. Mark Bosnich - Manchester United and Chelsea. Andrew Cole - Arsenal and Manchester United. Mark Hughes - Manchester United and Chelsea. Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal and Liverpool. Paul Ince - Manchester United and Liverpool. Juan Sebastian Veron - Manchester United and Chelsea. Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea and Liverpool. These are the few I know of for a fact. These are all since the formation of the Premier League.

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