Played for 2 of top 4 clubs?

Updated: 10/17/2022
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William Gallas - Chelsea and Arsenal. Ashley Cole - Arsenal and Chelsea. Mikael Silvestre - Manchester United and Arsenal. Emmanuel Petit - Chelsea and Arsenal. Nicolas Anelka - Arsenal, Liverpool (Loan) and Chelsea. Mark Bosnich - Manchester United and Chelsea. Andrew Cole - Arsenal and Manchester United. Mark Hughes - Manchester United and Chelsea. Jermaine Pennant - Arsenal and Liverpool. Paul Ince - Manchester United and Liverpool. Juan Sebastian Veron - Manchester United and Chelsea. Boudewijn Zenden - Chelsea and Liverpool. These are the few I know of for a fact. These are all since the formation of the Premier League.

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Q: Played for 2 of top 4 clubs?
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What players have played for 2 of the 'top 4' clubs in the Premier League and any club in Spain?

-David Beckham -Christiano Ronaldo -Deco -Thiery Henry -Belletti -Gerald Pique -Van Nisterooy -Gudjohnson

Who are the top five best supproted football clubs worldwide?

1.tottenham 2.burnley 4.chelsea

Which player has played with 4 clubs in the champions league?

It is Clarence Seedorf of Holland.

13 players who have played for 2 of top 4 clubs?

1.gallas 2.ashely cole 3.Andy cole 4.veron 5.petit 6.mark hughes 7.lassana diarra 8.pennant 9.bosnich 10.silvestre 11.Steve sidwell 12.paul ince 13.anelka

What players have played in the champions league for more than 4 different clubs?


What sport has 4 letters and is played with clubs and starts with a tee?

The sport is golf.

Who has played for 4 different football clubs and has never had a transfer fee?

Emile Heskey

Who has never won the champions league but has played for 4 clubs that have?

Can't name six off the top of my head, but the first one that comes to mind is Dean Saunders. He has played for Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest, Liverpool and Benfica.

How much is to by arsenal fc?

quite a lot considering that it is one of the 'top 4' clubs of English football

Premiership top 4 team since 1999?

The top four premiership clubs since 1999 are Manchester United, Arsenal , Chelsea and Liverpool.

Who has played for 3 out of 4 clubs Liverpool Barcelona Chelsea Manchester united?

zenden and hughes

Could you Name a goalkeeper that played for 2 of the top 4 teams?

Paul Robinson and david James.