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Manchester United beat Tottenham Hotspurs 5-3 on 29th September, 2001. Spurs were up comfortably 3-0 at halftime and looked set to win when United produced 5 goals in the second half to overcome them 5-3.

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Manchester United beat Tottenham Hotspur by a margin of 5 goals to 3 on September 29, 2001 - a game which saw the Red Devils come back from 3 - 0 down away from home with goals from Andy Cole, Laurent Blanc, Ruud van Nistelrooij, Juan Veron, and David Beckham.

Coincidentally, just the second fixture contested between the two teams, in the FA Cup replay of 1898-99, finished with an exact reverse of this scoreline, when Tottenham beat Manchester United 3 - 5.

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the match was played on 21 October 1996

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A long time ago,

years 1965/66

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Q: In which year did Newcastle beat man utd 5-0?
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