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Q: How many goals did Pele score by bicycle kick?
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How many times did Pele score with his bicycle kick?


Did Pele invent the bicycle kick?

Yes Pele did

Who did the first bicycle kick in football?


What team did Pele do his first bicycle kick on?


Pele was known best for?

the bicycle kick of course

Did Messi score the first bicycle kick?

No, lots of players have scored bicycle kicks before Messi like Zidane, Pele, Marodona, and many more legends.

Who did the first bicycle kick in soccer?

Pele excecuted the first "noticed" one, Although Pele claims it was his trainer that taught him the move initially.

Who has scored the most bicycle kick goals?

Zlatan ibramovich i suppose..!!

Which one of rooneys goals is better the bicycle kick against city or the volley against Newcastle?

It is the bicycle kick goal verses Manchester City.

Who scored the best goal of the world?

Pele scored the worlds best goal with a 45 yard bicycle kick

Who was the goalkeeper who died due to Pele's kick?

No one died to Pele's kick...

What was Pele's favorite soccer move?

Im pretty sure pele's favorite soccer move is the bicycle kick. One day he was playing a game and just pulled out of no where the move and scored a goal. Pele is famous for the move.

How many free kick goals did Lionel messi score in his career?


How many free kick goals did zico score?

around 70+ career

What is Pele famous for?

pele is famous because he had scored more goals than any other plaeyalso becuase he invented the bycle kick,he scored more than 1000goals

In Super Mario strickers how do you do a bicycle kick?

There's no actual combination of buttons to do a bicycle kick. Your character will do a bicycle kick randomly when they kick the ball in the air.

What to know about soccer?

You try to score goals, they have positions, if it goes out from the side its a throw in, if it goes out behind the goals and the defense did it, its a corner kick, and if the offense did it then it's a goal kick.

Photo of world cup 2010 animal logo?

Actually its a man/woman/child doing a bicycle kick most likely representing Pele'

How many free kick goals did Cristiano Ronaldo score in his career?

around 93

Are forwards the only people who can kick goals?

Any player may score a goal.

How do you do a bicycle kick on a playstation 2 how do you do a bicycle kick on ps2?

The triangle key

What year did Pele do the bycle kick?

Pele did it in 1977 the same year he retired.

How many free kick goals did Didier Drogba score last season and what games?


What is a bicycle kick?

A bicycle kick is a kick in the game of soccer where the kicker leans backwards and kicks the ball over his head.

What soccer tricks did Pele use?

Pele used a good amount of soccer tricks, but one of his most famous ones are the bicycle kick, he was playing in a random game and then out of no where he just came out and did that trick and scored a goal, Pele i think is one of the most amazing soccer players of all time.