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Q: Who did the first bicycle kick in football?
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When was the bicycle kick invented?

It is believed that the bicycle kick was invented in 1914. The first person credited with its creation was Chilean football player Basque Ramon Unzaga.

What team did Pele do his first bicycle kick on?


In Super Mario strickers how do you do a bicycle kick?

There's no actual combination of buttons to do a bicycle kick. Your character will do a bicycle kick randomly when they kick the ball in the air.

How do you do a bicycle kick on a playstation 2 how do you do a bicycle kick on ps2?

The triangle key

What is a bicycle kick?

A bicycle kick is a kick in the game of soccer where the kicker leans backwards and kicks the ball over his head.

In football it is kick off. What is it in baseball?

The first pitch.

Best soccer kick in the world?

Most people would argue that the best soccer kick in the world is the bicycle kick. An example of a bicycle kick is in the "Related Links" section

Who invented the bicycle kick?

Robert Bond.

How do you do a bicycle kick?

A bicycle kick usually has little to do with bicycling, and all to do with soccer. It's when the player throws himself back to kick the ball in a flat trajectory backwards over his head.

How do you do scissor kick a soccer ball?

first of i will look at the direction of the ball and secondly turn myself towards the direction of the ball and lastly take a bicycle kick.

Which one of rooneys goals is better the bicycle kick against city or the volley against Newcastle?

It is the bicycle kick goal verses Manchester City.

Describe an overhead kick in soccer?

An overhead kick is when you do a backflip and kick the ball while it is over your head (aka a bicycle kick).

How do you kick a football?

Click on the 'How to Kick a Football' link on this page to learn how to punt and kick field goals.

Did Messi score the first bicycle kick?

No, lots of players have scored bicycle kicks before Messi like Zidane, Pele, Marodona, and many more legends.

Did Pele invent the bicycle kick?

Yes Pele did

How do you do a bicycle kick in pes?

it's just luck

Pele was known best for?

the bicycle kick of course

What is flag kick in football?

A corner kick.

How do you do a bicycle kick in Fifa 09 for DS?

Basiclly do a cross but only hold it for 2 seconds when the ball comes to a player press up and A to do a bicycle kick

Who did the first bicycle kick in soccer?

Pele excecuted the first "noticed" one, Although Pele claims it was his trainer that taught him the move initially.

What is the kick off called in English football?

It is called a kick-off in English football.

How does one perform a bicycle kick?

One can perform the bicycle kick by throwing their body into the air and putting one leg in front of the other to kick the ball. This trick is most commonly used in the sport soccer

How do you kick a football far?

Kick really hard...

How many goals did Pele score by bicycle kick?


How many times did Pele score with his bicycle kick?