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Water Polo is when the players work together to score and win the other team

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Q: Water polo if a player pulls on the lane line going after the ball?
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Is it a technical foul if a player gets intentionally fouled on a fast break?

That depends. If he was intentionally fouled but the player was going for the ball, than no. If the player was not going for the ball, than yes.

What is the verb for this sentence The tennis player is going to hit the ball?

going to hit

What force pulls a ball down?


If a defensive player intercepts a pass in the endzone he's defending and fumbles the ball is the ball dead or can an offensive player fall on it for a touchdown?

yes, but first it has to be determined that the defensive player had possesion of the ball and was going to run it. the defensive plaeyer could kneel and make it a touchback, but if he has control of the ball and is going to run it, but fumbles it before he gets out of the endzone it is a free ball.

What is offsides in flag football?

offsides in any football means that right before the ball is hiked, someone is over the ...In flag football one pulls off the player with the ball's flag to tackle them.

Can a player call timeout while in control of the ball but going out of bounds?


If an umpire pulls you up for contact and awards a penalty pass to the other team what must you do?

the opposition player must stand out next to that player and wait till the ball is passed to move

Why ball goes upward to downwards?

Gravity pulls it down.

How does gravity affect a golf ball in the air?

it pulls it down ...

Which is the force that pulls a ball to the ground after being dropped?


What does ball under mean in water polo?

It means that the ball is being held under water by on offensive player. On most occasions, a defensive player pushed the hand of the offensive player down. (if the hand of the player's hand is on top of the ball, a defensive player can push it down.) This call means there is a turnover. Hope that helps you out!

Can a volley ball player hit a ball that's out of bounds to keep the game going?

No or else the other team will get the point!

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