How many go to the stadium to watch soccer?

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2010-03-04 16:10:33

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A great deal go to see the match live, for example over 70,000 go to Old Trafford, and 80,000 go to barcelona.

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2010-03-04 16:10:33
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Q: How many go to the stadium to watch soccer?
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How can you watch a live soccer match?

Go to where the soccer match is being played!

Where can watch full soccer videos?

You can now watch live soccer videos at <a href="">hahasport</a> It's pretty easy, no sign up needed, just go there and watch.

Do you have to for soccer club to a soccer player?

Yes you have to play for a soccer club or team to go into big games that are known like at a stadium. But you certainly don't have to be in a club to play a game of soccer with your friends!

Where is the stadium known as 'Soccer City' in Johannesburg?

"Soccer City" is located in Soweto, the largest township in Johannesburg. You can see the location of the stadium on Google Maps. In fact, if you go to the satellite view, you can actually see the building.

Where did the people sit to watch the ancient Greek Olympics?

they go to the old stadium

How can you watch African Champions League soccer online?

go here

How many fans go to a stadium and see soccer players play?

There is no answer to that as it will depend on lots of things, like how important a game is, how popular a team is and how big the stadium the match is being played in is. You could have just a few people at a match right up to tens of thousands at one. The biggest soccer stadium in the world, which is in India, can hold 120,000 people.

When can you play soccer and or football on cp?

any time!! u just hav to go to d stadium

How many people go to watch a soccer game in Argentina?

Games regularly attract crowds of between 45,000 and 75,000 fans.

How do you get soccer trials?

if you intend on going fro you might want to go to a soccer camp. if you have no experience in playing soccer than your chances are .5 and 10,000,000. it helps if you go to soccer camps as a kid and have scouts watch youplay.

Which is better watch football on tv or go to the stadium to watch football?

in my opinion its etter Tobe at the stadium, bu its still good watching it in the comfrt of your own home with a cup of tea or popcorn.

What channel can you watch la liga soccer in Canada?

You have to pay for it if you want! Its better to watch online for free!! Here's the link: Go to sport (soccer) channel list

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