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Q: How many gates does dodger stadium have?
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How many parking spaces are there at Dodger Stadium?

there are 16000 parking spaces at dodger's stadium

How many seats are there in Dodger Stadium?

The L.A. Times reported on August 23, 2005 that Dodger Stadium has 56,000 seats.

How many rainouts at dodger stadium?

Not Many

When was Dodger Stadium created?

Dodger Stadium was created in 1962.

What is the nickname for dodger stadium?

Dodger stadium is also known as "Chavez Ravine".

Where is dodger stadium?

Dodger Stadium is in Los Angeles, CA. On Elysian Park Ave.

How many people fit in dodger stadium?


What is Chris carpenters record at dodger stadium vs dodgers?

In 4 regular season games at Dodger Stadium, Carpenter is 2-0 with two no decisions. He lost at Dodger Stadium in the 2009 postseason.

What is the song played at Dodger Stadium after a Dodger home run?

Zombie Nation - Kenkraft 400 (Stadium Chant)

Where do the Dodger's play?

Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA

How many playoff games have been held at dodger stadium?


How many seats in the Dodgers stadium in LA?

According to the Dodgers website, Dodger Stadium has a seating capacity of 56,000.

What is the third oldest baseball stadium?

Dodger Stadium.

Where can you buy a dodger jersey with the red number in front?

dodger stadium

What is the largest MLB stadium?

Dodger Stadium ,56,000 people

Who is the only dodger player to hit the ball out of dodger stadium?

Mike piazza

What dodger hit the first home run in dodger stadium?

Benny the Jet

What is the name of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball stadium?

Dodger Stadium.

Is the Los Angeles Dodgers stadium domed?

No, Dodger Stadium is not a dome.

What is the fourth oldest professional baseball stadium?

Behind Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Wrigley Field, I believe it is Dodger Stadium. I have looked up this question before and have found different answers but majority answered it as Dodger Stadium.

How large is dodger stadium?


When dodger stadium was built?


What is the capacity of Dodger Stadium?


What is the largest baseball field in America?

The largest baseball field in America by capacity is Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Dodger Stadium has a capacity of 53,275.

How old is Dodger Stadium?

52 years old, and the stadium was made in 1958