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162 regular season games.

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2009-05-13 20:24:25
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Q: How many games is there every year for a baseball team?
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On everage a baseball team wins two out of every three games it plays. how many games will this team lose in a 162 game season?

They would lose a third of their games, which would be a total of 54 games.

This year the boys' baseball team won 4 times as many games as it lost The team played a total of 40 games How many games did the team win?

witch team

How many games are in major league baseball team?


A Baseball team played 50 games during the regular season.If the team won 7 out of 10 games how many games did the team win?


How many games does an WNBA team play every season?

34 games a season

How many games are played at home in a regular Major League baseball season?

Every team plays 81 home and 81 away games each regular season.

How many games does a single major league baseball team play?

162 games

How many games does a baseball team play in a season?

A Major League Baseball baseball team plays a regular season of 162 games. Of course, more games are played when a team competes in the play-offs leading to the World Series championship.

How many games goesMajor League baseball te ms are therehow many games do an official baseball team play in a season?


How many home baseball games do the Colorado Rockies play?

Every team, including the Colorado Rockies, plays 81 home games and 81 away games making for a 162 game season.

How many games does a MLB team play every season?


How many games do the New York Yankees play a year?

The Yankees, like every other Major League Baseball team, play 162 games during the regular season.

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