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10 games

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Q: How many games played if 5 teams played every other team in volleyball?
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What games are played in Switzerland?

Same regular games as in other countries. Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Handball, etc(...).

What is the role in a volleyball games?

we have to throw the ball to the other team.

What does the timekeeper do in volleyball?

There is no time keeper in a volleyball match. Games at the collegiate and international level are most frequently played best of 5. You must win 3 of the 5 games to win the match. If you have any other questions, visit me at

What are some Samoan games and sports?

The main sports played in Samoa are rugby union and Samoan cricket. Other popular sports are netball, volleyball, and soccer.

Why did William Morgan create the game of volleyball?

To introduce a new game to play. As the other games.

What sports are played in Lebanon?

Basketball, football, volleyball, & rally mainly; and other minor sports.

When should a team rotate in volleyball?

The team should rotate every time it is their serve after the other team missed.

What kind of sports do they play in Iceland?

a number of football, volleyball, tennis and other games and associated competitions. There are many football leagues that are played here. Moreover, Iceland has several sport clubs and associations that look after particular games and its improvements.

What is the difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball?

As this goes without saying, the main difference between beach volleyball and indoor volleyball are the locations in which the games are played; beach volleyball being played on a beach court, and indoor volleyball being played on an indoor court. While indoor volleyball requires 6 athletes with fixed positions from each team on the court at one time, beach volleyball only requires 2, in most instances of competitive play. Other differences occur in areas such as the court. For example, a regulation indoor court is 30 feet by 30 feet on each side, while a beach court is 26.3 by 26.3 on each side. Also, a beach court lacks an attack line, or a ten foot line. Hope this helps!

What is a sport that is only played in the US?

The most famous sport is football and the other sports are basketball,rugby union,tennis,golf,volleyball,beach volleyball,hokey and baseball.

How many games are played in La Liga?

In total, every team plays 38 games. Since there are 19 other teams and each team plays each other twice (home and away)

What is the scooring procedure in volleyball?

one point for for your team every time the other team drops the ball. and vise versa

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