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Gary Speed has played 500 odd games and scored over a hundred goals.

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Q: How many games and goals did Gary speed get in the premier league?
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Who has made more than 100 premier league appearance for 3 different premier league clubs?

Rory Delap and Gary Speed

3 players of welsh nationality who have won the premier league?

Speed, giggs,

What players have played over 300 games in the English premier league?

There are Many like Paul scholes, Ryan giggs, Alan shearer, Gary Speed.

Who has played over 300 games in the English premier league?

There are many who have played over 300 games, Henry, Scholes, Alan shearer, Ryan Giggs, Gary Speed, Patrick vieira.

Who has played the most premier league games and is still playing in the premier league now?

The top 3 are: 1. Gary Speed 535 2. David James 511 3. Ryan Giggs 492 Both David James and Ryan Giggs are still playing the EPL.

Which foreign player has played for three English premier league clubs?

Is it Garry Speed of Ireland.

Who is the longest serving premier league player?

Ryan Giggs has appeared with Man Utd 525 times in the premier league. Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Sol Campbell, David James, Gary Speed, Ian Pearce have appeared in every Premier League season from the first to the current one.

Who are the 5 players that have played in more than 500 matches in the premier league?


Which two Players who have scored in first sixteen seasons of English premier league?

could be Ryan Giggs and Gary Speed.

Giggs butt and david James have all played in every premier league season but who is the other one?

Gary speed

Top 5 appearances in the English premiership?

The top five for appearances in the English Premier League are; David James 556 games, Gary Speed 535 games, Ryan Giggs 530 games, Sol Campbell 485 games and Emile Heskey 444 games.As of October 20th 2009 for up-to-date stats visit

What is an example of a sport which focuses on speed?

The game of Hockey is a very good example of a speed game because if you don't have speed, you can't score any goals, especially in the National Hockey League (NHL).

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