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two if you miss the lay up, one if you made the lay up

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Q: How many free throws do you get for shooting a lay up and getting fouled?
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When do you get three free throws?

when you get fouled when shooting 3 pointer

How many free throws do you get if you are fouled during the act of shooting basketball?

two throws

Why do free throws happen?

They happen because a person was fouled while shooting

When a person is fouled while shooting in basketball do they get one free throw if the shot is missed?

No, if you are fouled and miss the shot, you get 2 free throws. If you are fouled and make the shot, you only get 1 free throw. If the foul is judged to be flagrant, then after the two free throws the shooting team remains in possession and takes the ball out from the near sideline.

If you are fouled while shooting a layup and the basket counts how many free-throws do you get to shoot?

if you did leave the ball after you get fouled...then you get 2 free throws...if you hold onto the don't get just get to pass it to your team mates from outside

When shooting from outside the three point line how many points can you score?

You can score three points, unless you are fouled and given free throws.

If you get fouled at the three point line what happens?

If your shooting, you get 3 free throws, if not, it's just a regular foul and you just throw the ball in.

What is a foul in basket ball?

Illegal contact. And the fouled player would have to shoot free throws if the foul happened during the act of shooting.

If you are fouled while shooting do you get tose points and a free-throw?

if you make the shot then yes but when you get fouled you have to be in your shooting motion. if you get fouled at the 3 point line you get those points to. i like jelly and barbecue sauce yeah you get the points only if you make the basket. then u can get ur free throws.but if u dont make it.then u just get the free throws.

In basketball what is given if a player is fouled in the key area whilst in the process of shooting?

if the player scores then he is awarded one free throw. If he misses then it is two free throws

How does a referee determine how many free throws are awarded when a player is fouled when shooting?

Im assuming you mean in basketball. If the player is shooting from inside the arc (three-point line), then they receive two free throws. Outside the arc, then they receive three free throws. If the shot goes into the basket, then they receive one extra free throw.

If you get fouled while shooting a shot what do you get to shoot?

A free throw

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