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around 290, just like every other paintball gun.

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Q: How many fps dose a mr1 paintball gun shoot?
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How many FPS does a Tippmann 98 Custom shoot?

all paintball guns shoot 260 to 300 fps.

Is 300 fps on a paintball gun good?

All paintball guns shoot around 300 fps.

How much fps does the empire axe shoot?

All paintball guns shoot between 280 and 300 fps.

How much fps does the jt er2 have?

Almost all paintball guns will shoot 300 fps.

How many fps does a mr1 paintball gun shoot?

It is adjustable, but around 290 Feet Per Second.

At how much FPS do most paintball guns shoot?

All paintball fields force a strict rule of no higher than 300-350 FPS. About the speed of Airsoft.

How hard can a paintball gun shoot at a field?

depends on the field and what maximum FPS they allow

Will a paintball gun kill a cat?

yes, if the fps is high enough and you shoot the cat.

How fast do spring operate paintball guns shoot?

The only fully spring paintball gun, the splatmatic .50, shoots at 190 fps.

What is faster paintball or air soft?

Some Airsoft guns shoot at around 400 fps. All paintball guns are regulated to 280 to 300 fps. Airsoft guns also generally fire more per minute then paintball counterparts, because of the simplicity of the mechanics.

How do you know how much fps your paint ball gun is at?

You shoot it over a chronograph. All paintball fields have them.

How many fps do paint ball guns shoot?

All paintball guns are required to be set below 300 fps (204.5 mph). Most fields play 1a 290 for outdoor and 265 for indoor.

How many fps does a spyder mr1 paintball gun?

In U.K, the paintball fields set them at 270 FPS, but when you buy the gun it should be around 300 FPS, you can buy chrongraphs for $10-20 to test the FPS,

What is the fps of a paintball gun?

The fps of a paintball gun is usually in-between 300-400

How do you make paintball gun shoot harder?

You do this by increasing the velocity, ask a gun tech or someone who knows how to adjust your marker to the proper limits. FPS should never exceed 300 fps.

What is the approximate distance a paintball gun will shoot when held at a 90 angle?

if shooting at around 285 fps I would say 150ft max

Can you shoot paintball gun in the street?

This is probably seen as illegal in most countries. but i bet would be legal depending upon the fps

What gun shoots rubber balls?

You can buy rubber paintballs, they are called Reballs, and any paintball gun can shoot them. The police and militairy also have several specialized or modified guns to shoot them at higher FPS.

How many FPS does a marksman repeater shoot?

The Marksman repeater is rated at 200 FPS.

How much fps does Azodin 2011 Blitz Electronic Paintball Gun?

All paintball guns are regulated to 260-300 fps depending on the field.

Can you shoot a persen with a airsoft gun?

Yes you can shoot someone with an airsoft gun. Airsoft is a sport just like paintball where there is a lot of running, ducking, and shooting at other opponents. Like paintball, you HAVE to wear the proper protective gear like goggles, facemask, gloves, etc.. Keep in mind velocity as well. most AEGs shoot 350 fps out of the box, anything above 450 fps, can break skin. So 400 hundred and under would be airsoft war approved.

How much fps is US Army Alpha Tactical Paintball Gun - Black?

All paintball guns are regulated at around 290 fps, the model is irrelevant.

What is the fps of a alpha black m16 paintball gun?

most markers have a capable range of 250 to 330 fps. however 300 fps is the international speed limit. You cannot shoot faster then that in any official game. most fields dont even allow you to get that high, they keep you around 280fps

How many feet per second does the Predator PR1000 paintball gun travel?

210 FPS.

Are there any fps games that dont need downloads?

phosphor, paintball paradise, and orange fps