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Q: How many fouls are you allowed before you foul out?
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How many fouls are needed to foul out in a high school basketball game?

You get five fouls before you foul out.

In the NBA how many fouls are you allowed per game?

In the NBA, you are allowed 6 fouls. After you get the sixth foul, you are out for the rest of the game.

How many fouls allowed before a foul to give?

4 fouls. On the fifth foul the player charged is disqualified from the remainder of the game and the offended player is awarded one or more free throws.

In baseball how many fouls can you do before you are called out?

In baseball there is a 4 foul streak before you are out and if you catch a foul, you are out.

How many team fouls to be committed to begin team foul penalty situation and how many team fouls to end team foul penalty situation?

NBA Basketball, you're only allowed 4 fouls to commit before the opposition shoots 2 free throws on every foul caused. paul yawson asa

How many fouls is each player allowed to have before he is disqualified?

6 fouls

How many fouls allowed in serve at table tennis?

None. If you foul serve, you lose the point.

How many fouls can a basketball player get before they get disqualified?

You will be disqualified on your 5th foul.

How many times can you foul the ball before being struck out?

There's no limit to how many fouls there are

How many fouls do you get until you foul out in an NBA game?

6 fouls

In the NBA how many fouls are you allowed per game and what happens if you exceed this amount?

You are allowed to foul six times. However, once you get the sixth foul, you will be fouled out of the game and will not be allowed to participate for the rest of the game.

How many fouls to foul out in NBA?


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